Baseball lessons and instructions


baseball instructions

Watkins Baseball Academy (WBA) is for any player or parent looking for improving their child’s baseball performance. Whether you are looking for fundamental techniques or advanced baseball instructions, WBA offers group lessons, video instructions, and membership options to receive high quality consistent lessons.

We Are Dedicated to Everything baseball

Many of our players dream of playing baseball at City Island in Harrisburg and we are here to help them achieve that dream. From the physical skills and mechanics to the mentality and self-control needed to perform at your best, the coaches are ready to help you meet your baseball goals. 

wba experience

Welcome to the Watkins Baseball Academy experience. We hold lessons in Central Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Linglestown, New Cumberland). Our coaches specialize in providing high quality personalized group lessons and online instructions to a multitude of players and skill levels. The coaches will break down skills and drills in understandable steps and build off your strengths so you can achieve your baseball goals. We frequently give homework for players to work on outside of lessons to see the quickest results possible.



initial evaluation and Membership subscriptions

We want to make sure our membership options are right for you which is why we offer a FREE INITIAL EVALUATION. If it is a good fit, the membership subscriptions allow you to get the most out of your time and money. Theses subscriptions offer multiple lessons per week and allow the player to get consistent instructions to ensure the change is going to be long lasting. Our lessons are held in Harrisburg, Linglestown, Mechanicsburg, and New Cumberland, PA.



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Small Group Lessons

The membership subscriptions will feature multiple group lessons per week (no more than 4 players per group). These small group lessons allow players to get full attention from the coaches for high quality lessons while working with a peer. These lessons help players receive fundamental and advanced instructions for their mechanics in a small group atmosphere which helps players relax, work together, and have fun. These lessons are structured by the coach and may revolve around specific baseball areas such as hitting, pitching, baserunning, fielding, power, speed & agility, arm strength, and many more!


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online Lessons

Improving your baseball skills can be achieved off the field and in the comfort of your own home. We offer online lessons in order to provide baseball lessons to players all over the state such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Online lessons can be requested by any player regarding any aspect of baseball. Mechanics, drills, techniques, and exercises will be taught throughout these online lessons.



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John C.

We had a great experience with WBA. The coach quickly established rapport with my grandson and was able to share his expertise in a very effective way. We are looking forward to continuing to work with WBA.

kimberly R.

WBA was awesome with my 7 year old. Our coach went over technique for batting in easy steps, and in our first session alone my son improved 110%! Because of the coach’s approachable personality, knowledge, and skill set, my son already has more confidence moving forward. Thank you!

Jenifer T.

WBA was great with my 10 year old son. The coach broke his swing down into understandable steps and gave several tips on his throwing. It was easy to continue practicing at home to increase his skills. Our coach related very well to kids. I would recommend WBA to anyone looking to increase skills in hitting or throwing.

amy h.

In just one session he improved catching, hitting, and a love for the game! I’d definitely recommend WBA and look forward to seeing the improvement for our son through more time.