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What do you get with a membership?

1)  Each subscription offers 2 lessons per week (8 lessons/month!) for each group. Each group has a MAX of 4 people. Each lesson is 1 hour.

2)  Homework and drills are given after every lesson to help the player work on the change consistently outside of the lessons for quicker and long lasting results.

3)  Coaches offer each player a video submission EVERY WEEK of the player’s swing, throwing, catching, etc. with the coach’s feedback. *

4)  Coaches give each player a personalized monthly plan to help the player know EXACTLY what they need to work on every week. *

5)  Coaches offer Zoom and Phone Calls as needed to help the player clarify instructions, get past mental blocks, prepare for games and tournaments, discuss progress and outcomes of games, and much more. *

6)  Coaches offer to attend a player’s game or practice to see the player live in-action to ensure the training is carrying over outside of lessons. *

                       * Offer is based on certain subscriptions

***Coaches and Player/Parent will decide if membership is appropriate after initial evaluation. Schedule will be sent to potential member before purchase. ***Schedule may vary monthly.

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